Building a Student Enrollment, Payment, and Evaluation System

Discover how Code Black Indy built a variety of no-code workflows including student enrollment, payments, and evaluations with Formstack.


When you work with multiple partners to provide educational programming, it can be difficult to set up a process that is easily adaptable to the needs of each school or program. Code Black Indy needed a product that allowed them to quickly and easily build dynamic forms that could house data securely yet make it simple to share that data with partners. They also wanted to find a way to collect program fees and payments without having to pay high processing fees to a third party.


Formstack’s no-code form builder made it easy for Code Black Indy to quickly create student enrollment and payment forms in minutes. Any staff member can easily adapt or adjust the forms based on the needs of the program, students, or school. With the PayPal integration, they’re able to securely collect payments within their forms without paying any processing fees. All data is safely stored in their Formstack database, where it can be easily integrated into Salesforce for staff use and Google Sheets for partner reporting. At the end of each program, students receive an automated evaluation to collect important feedback.

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Saved money

Eliminated high third-party fees on student course payments

Improved collaboration

Created a process that can be easily replicated across partners and programs

Boosted conversions

Increased form conversions with a simple and smooth process

Enhanced efficiency

Enabled robust form building with conditional logic in under 15 minutes

Video Transcript

Code Black Indy is a social enterprise and 501c3 that leverages technology and education for cultural progression. They aim to create a powerful pipeline that incubates and fosters the success of black and brown young people from underserved communities into the tech ecosystem in Indy.
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